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Friendship comes at the most unexpected and marvelous times in your life. I met Nina Williams, a Nerium Associate, through a FB group I joined because, as a budding entrepreneur, I needed the guidance and wisdom of more seasoned titans. Nina is one of these titans. She has it all: a flexible schedule, a beautiful family, a loving spouse and she makes time for her friends; all of them.

When I first met Nina, I was so curious: What does this lovely lady do that allows her to thrive and live so effortlessly? As incredible as it may seem, she helps people look and feel their best by sharing with them the benefits of Nerium, and she helps people achieve financial freedom by identifying and mentoring the next generation of Nerium associates.

I’m so glad I met Nina because as an entrepreneur my mind is my most valuable asset, and believe it or not folks I was beginning to get a bit scattered. Late nights, early mornings and an endless amount of work can really take its toll on the psyche. I casually mentioned to Nina that I was having a hard time keeping up and she knew exactly what I needed: EHT. While there is a lot of research and technical mumbo-jumbo that scientifically proves why EHT works, I can only tell you my experience (I am only a tax pro after all). I’ve been using it for about a week now and before EHT I was having such a hard time falling asleep. My mind would race, meditation helped some but not enough for a restful night, and I would lie awake until I would pass out from exhaustion. With EHT I’ve been able to fall asleep with ease and because I’m getting more rest, my mind feels sharper already. Its only been a week, and I know it takes a few weeks for the full benefits of EHT to take effect but I’m excited to share this with you because if there’s one thing I’ve learned as an entrepreneurs its that you have to invest in yourself. You are your most valuable asset and making sure you’re at 100% will benefit, not just you, but your family as well.

If you’re the least bit curious about Nerium and what it can do for you I strongly recommend connecting with Nina.

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If you’d like to hear Nina’s amazing journey into the world of entrepreneurship listen to this episode of Tax Tribe the PodCast (remastered!):

If you do decide to try Nerium please feel free to share with me your experience.

Sending you love and happiness,

Wendy Uken

P.S. – I’m not affiliated with Nerium but I do have the honor and privilege of calling myself Nina’s friend. 🙂

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