IRS Now Using Private Debt Collectors

$23 million dollars since October 2013. That’s the amount of money scammers have taken from taxpayers, according to the IRS.

I remember the first time I had to deal with this. My client was in active and aggressive collection action with the IRS so he was desperate for a way out. “They said they’re going to settle with me! Right now! All I have to do is send them $5,000!” He told me excitedly. “Randy*! Don’t do that! The IRS doesn’t settle over the phone!” I told him quickly. I explained to him that there was scammers out there taking advantage of people with phony calls, letters and threatening emails. He wasn’t 100% convinced since he still clung to the hope that he’d be able to settle within a matter of minutes (BTW, the settlement process is lengthy; in rare cases it can take up to 2 years to settle) so we called the “IRS” back together and the scammer was quickly found out. When I asked for his badge number he rattled off some numbers and letters. Being a Tax Resolution Expert I know the number of digits the IRS assigns their employees, and the sequence it follows. He had none of those. As soon as I questioned him about that he hung up.

So when I received a call from ‘Maggie’* from XX collection agency on behalf of the IRS regarding Mr. Smith’s* balance my hunter instincts kicked in and every fiber of my being screamed “SCAM!!!!”. So, I asked her, quite nicely might I add, “Maggie, you must’ve heard about phone scammers, and I haven’t been able to verify your 800# anywhere. How do I know you’re really a collection agency with the IRS?”

Without missing a beat, Maggie* referred me to the IRS website and told me to search for “Private Debt Collectors”. So, I did. Guess what I found out? The IRS is now using private collection agencies in an effort to collect on taxpayer’s debt. (Link Below). Here are the four agencies associated with the IRS:



P.O. Box 2217

Waterloo, IA 50704




P.O. Box 307

Fairport, NY 14450-0307




P.O. Box 9045

Pleasanton CA 94566-9045




PO Box 500

Horseheads, NY 14845



If you’re receiving calls they might not all be scams but keep in mind that you do have the right to deal with the IRS directly. All you need to do is submit that request in writing to the collection agency.

If you’ve received one such call and the thought of dealing with the IRS on your own seems overwhelming, don’t worry. I can help. Just schedule a free consultation.

If you want to read more about this go to:

*Names have been changed to protect the Identity of the individuals referred to above.

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